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HTML5 DevConf Hackathon at Eventbrite – September 24th and 25th

Thanks to all of the developers, volunteers, sponsors, and other community-members who shared their weekend with us at Eventbrite HQ for the HTML5 DevConf Hackathon! We had a great time! Check out our Hackathon Results page to see how it … Continue reading

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Quick website integration with Widgets

The fastest way to share your next event on your existing website, is to add an Eventbrite Widget.  You can learn more about the types of available Eventbrite Widgets in our Help Center. Interested in reaching an even wider audience? … Continue reading


Time zone support The Eventbrite engineering team is working to update our support for time zones, moving to standardize on the latest Olson tz database-compliant labeling scheme. In the meantime, I’ve collected the following mapping from each of our allowable … Continue reading

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