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This method returns a list of attendees for a given event. If authentication tokens are not provided, only publicly available attendee information will be returned.

One attendee record will be created for each ticket processed in our order workflow.

Request Parameters

Name description
id The ID of the event.
status Valid values are “attending”, “not_attending” and “all”. “attending” (the default) returns only attendees who are currently attending this event. “not_attending” returns refunded, canceled and any other attendees who no longer have a valid ticket to this event. “all” returns all attendees who have purchased a ticket to this event, regardless of their current status.
modified_after Return only attendees whose “modified” value is equal to or after this date/time (e.g., “2013-01-28 00:00:00″)
count Limit the number of attendees returned. Default limit is 50 attendees per page if paginate selected
page Allows for paging through the results of a query. Default is 1. Page size will be setted with “count” parameter
do_not_display Comma separated list without spaces that leaves out certain data returned. Valid options are: profile,answers,address
only_display A comma-separated list of fields to display. If this parameter is present, the call will only return those fields. If this parameter is not present, other display parameters apply. This parameter overrides all other display parameters.Available fields include: address,profile,ticket_id,quantity,first_name,last_name,email, currency,amount_paid,order_id,created,modified, event_date,discount,affiliate,order_type,barcodes,answers
show_full_barcodes If set to ‘true’, it will return all barcodes associates with the attendee, plus the barcode status, device used,
attendee_id, and barcode number. If left blank, it will return a comma separated list of barcodes

Example Request URL

Example Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
		<barcode>EV-5050585-7735471, EV-5050585-7735472</barcode>
		<order_type>Free Order</order_type>
		<created>2007-11-09 13:53:01</created>
		<modified>2007-11-09 13:53:01</modified>
		<notes>test notes</notes>
		<home_address>100 Main St</home_address>
		<home_address_2>Suite 303</home_address_2>
		<home_city>San Francisco</home_city>
		<home_country>United States</home_country>
		<ship_address>100 Main St</ship_address>
		<ship_address_2>Suite 404</ship_address_2>
		<ship_city>San Francisco</ship_city>
		<ship_country>United States</ship_country>
		<work_address>100 Main St</work_address>
		<work_address_2>Suite 505</work_address_2>
		<work_city>San Francisco</work_city>
		<work_country>United States</work_country>
				<date_created>2010-04-19 17:30:32</date_created>
				<date_modified>2010-04-19 17:30:32</date_modified>
				<date_created>2010-04-19 17:30:32</date_created>
				<date_modified>2010-04-19 17:30:32</date_modified>
				<question>What is your favorite color?</question>
				<question>What are your favorite NFL teams?</question>
				<question_type>multiple choice</question_type>
				<answer_text>49ers | Raiders</answer_text>

Method-Specific Errors

More information about error-handling and common error messages are available in our error docs.

error_type error_message
Request Error The API request was not properly formed.
Application Key Error There is a problem with the application key provided.
Authentication Error The specified user was not found or the login credentials didn’t match.
Not Found No records were found with the given parameters.
Count error the page number should be numeric.
Count error the max number of attendees should be numeric.