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This method lists the events created by the authenticated user. Public events may optionally be returned if no authentication tokens are submitted.

This method can return a lot of data! In order to speed up response times, try filtering our unnecessary event attributes by taking advantage of the ‘do_not_display’ parameter, or by selecting events by status.

Request Parameters

Name description
user Find public events by supplying a user’s email address. The default response will include public
and private events from the authenticated user if any authentication tokens are supplied.
display A comma-separated list of additional output fields to display.
Available fields include: repeat_schedule, custom_header, custom_footer, confirmation_page, confirmation_email
do_not_display Comma separated list without spaces. Valid options include: description,venue,logo,style,organizer,tickets
Example: do_not_display=venue,logo,style

Leaving this field blank will return all event details.

only_display A comma-separated list of fields to display. If this parameter is present, the call will only return those fields. If this parameter is not present, other display parameters apply. This parameter overrides other display parameters.

Available fields include: id,title,description,start_date,end_date,timezone, url,capacity,created,modified,privacy,password,logo,status, venue,organizer,tickets

event_statuses Comma separated list without spaces. Valid options include: live, started, or ended
Example: event_statuses=live,started

If you leave this field blank, it will return everything. Also note that the “ended” option will only return events that have ended in the past 7 days.
asc_or_desc Valid options include ‘asc’ or results in ascending order or ‘desc’ or descending order based on event start_date. Default: asc

Example Request URL

Example Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
		<title>Best NYC New Year's Party</title>
		<description>Come spend New Year's Eve with us!</description>
		<start_date>2008-12-31 20:00:00</start_date>
		<end_date>2009-01-01 06:00:00</end_date>
		<created>2007-11-03 12:47:06</created>
		<modified>2008-01-09 10:12:15</modified>
			<name>Madison Square Garden</name>
			<address>4 Penn Plaza</address>
			<city>New York</city>
			<country>United States</country>
			<name>New Year's NYC Team</name>
			<description>We organizer the best parties in town!</description>
				<description>Access to VIP Rooms</description>
				<end_date>2008-12-30 23:00:00</end_date>
				<name>VIP Registration</name>
				<start_date>2008-10-24 00:00:00</start_date>

Method-Specific Errors

More information about error-handling and common error messages are available in our error docs.

error_type error_message
Request Error The API request was not properly formed.
Application Key Error There is a problem with the application key provided.
Authentication Error The specified user was not found or the login credentials didn’t match.
Not Found No events found for this user.