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Web Workflows

Our Web-based workflows allow you to sell tickets, or to request Eventbrite account access.

The Order Workflow

Direct attendees to our order workflow to initiate a ticket purchase, or to start an event registration.

Linking to an event page is a great way to get started.

Advanced use-cases may involve customizing the look and feel of your order workflow to match design details from an external site.

Event Discovery

Send attendees to an Eventbrite-hosted event page to kick-off this workflow.

Share an event page url, or use one of our event promotion tools to drive traffic.

Public events are eligible to be promoted in event listings around the web for free.

Order Creation

Maps, calendar tools, attendee lists, and social sharing features can be easily included on your event pages at no additional cost.

Eventbrite event pages can also be customized with HTML and CSS to provide a consistent look and feel that matches your 3rd-party website.

Our TicketWidget allows attendees to preview ticket availability on an external site before proceeding with their order.

Order Review and Approval

Attendees must review and approve their order on Eventbrite to complete this workflow.

Payment information will be securely processed here when necessary.

Attendee name and email may be pre-populated for some returning visitors.

Additional survey questions can also be made available in this step.

Order Confirmation and Next Steps

Eventbrite order confirmation pages also provide calendar tools and great social sharing features.

Customized follow-up instructions can be provided here – basic HTML and CSS are supported.

Or, optionally provide a redirect address, for a self-hosted order confirmation experience.

Event organizers can review completed transactions using the event_list_attendees API method.

Attendees can review their orders using the user_list_tickets API method.

User Authorization

Are you building an app to service multiple users? Onboard new users quickly using our web-based OAuth2.0 workflow.

Connect to Eventbrite

Both new and existing users can take advantage of this simple workflow.

Provide a link to your app’s authorization page, as described in our OAuth2 docs.
A Connect to Eventbrite button is available.

Access Approval

This page will allow an Eventbrite user to Approve or Deny your application for account access.

You’ll need to configure your application key’s redirect_uri to allow users to complete this workflow.

OAuth2.0 Handshake

We’ll send the user back to your app or website with an access_code or access_token for you to process.
See our OAuth2 docs for more information.

A demo is available on GitHub.